More Work with Stories

Working with Stories has a companion volume. It's called More Work with Stories: Advanced Topics in Participatory Narrative Inquiry. As the name implies, the second book covers advanced topics such as where PNI came from and what it takes to be a PNI practitioner. If you are a professional story worker, or you want to be one, the second book is for you.

More Work with Stories is only a few months away from completion. Most of what remains to be done is not new writing but cleaning up notes into clean prose. I had originally intended to finish it right after the first book was done, but instead I veered off into other projects (NarraFirma and Narratopia). I plan to come back and finish the second book ... sometime in 2017?

In the meantime, you can download an in-progress copy of More Work with Stories. If you read the second book, please send me feedback so I can improve it before it's published.

More Exercises and Variations

These are descriptions of some newly forming prototype exercises, or variations of existing exercises, that I've been working on since finishing Working with Stories. They will be incorporated into the follow-on book (or into, gasp, another edition of WWS) when that happens.

Ground truthing exercise - In this exercise, people juxtapose parts of a document with stories of their experiences. The comparison helps them evaluate and improve the document.

Bubble up stories exercise - A variation on the Twice-Told Stories exercise in which stories are passed around a room to:

  1. collect some meaningful, resonant stories (ones that "bubble up")
  2. connect people together in a shared experience
  3. introduce people to the value of story sharing and sensemaking
  4. help people think about a topic together

Sticker stories (PDF, DOCX) - A lightning-fast version of a sensemaking landscape exercise, done with printed sticky-note stories, to get people working with collected stories in a short time frame.